Royal Match Mod APK Latest Version v20758 (Unlimited Money, Coins) for Android

Royal Match Mod APK offers an enchanting twist to the classic match-3 puzzle genre, giving a royal adventure that is full of excitement, challenges, and rewards. Developed by Dream Games, this modified version of the popular game introduces additional features and enhancements that take the gameplay to new heights.

royal match apk
App NameRoyal Match Mod APK
PublisherDream Games, Ltd.
Size212 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Coins, Gems, Resources
Also Available OnGoogle Play Store
UpdateApril 02, 2024

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • All Level Unlocked
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Infinite Boosters, Stars

In Royal Match, we are transported to a majestic kingdom where they must solve match-3 puzzles to restore the grandeur of the royal palace. The gameplay revolves around swapping adjacent gems to create matches of three or more of the same color, earning points and completing objectives within a limited number of moves. Accept similar challenges in similar android games like Ludo King, and Yalla Ludo Mod Apk which is full of colores.

As we the levels, they encounter various challenges, obstacles, and power-ups that add depth and complexity to the gameplay experience.

royal match mod apk all levels unlocked

MOD Thrilling Rewards by Royal Match MOD APK

Infinite Gems:

Coins and gems are the primary currency in Royal Match, and they are used to purchase power-ups, boosters, and other in-game items. By completing levels and challenges, you can earn coins and gems as rewards, allowing them to progress further in the game and enhance their gameplay experience.

Unlimited Boosters:

Power-ups and boosters are special items that provide advance gameplay. These may include bombs that clear a large area of gems, rockets that destroy specific rows or columns. It can match with any other gem on the board. By earning power-ups and boosters as rewards, you can strategically use them to overcome obstacles and complete levels more efficiently.

Many Rewards:

MOD of Royal Match APK offers daily rewards for logging in and playing the game regularly. These daily rewards may include coins, gems, power-ups, or other valuable items, providing players with an incentive to return to the game each day and stay engaged with the gameplay experience.

Overall, the thrilling rewards in Royal Match Mod APK enhance gameplay enjoyment.

Playing Royal Match effectively with Strategy, and Patience

Here are some tips to help you play Royal Match more effectively:

Each level in Royal Match has specific objectives you need to complete to progress. Whether it’s collecting a certain number of gems, clearing obstacles, or reaching a target score, prioritize completing these objectives to advance to the next level.

Secondly, you have to plan your moves. Before making a move, take a moment to analyze the board and plan your strategy. Look for opportunities to create special gems, such as bombs or rockets, by matching four or more gems of the same color. These special gems can help you clear obstacles and complete objectives more efficiently.

Save your boosters and combining multiple special gems in a single move can create powerful combos that can clear large portions of the board and earn you extra points.

Experience Puzzle Arena

An exciting mode takes the classic match-3 puzzle gameplay of Royal Match to a whole new level, allowing players to engage in competitive multiplayer battles against friends and other players all around the world. Puzzle Arena offers an adrenaline-fueled experience where strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and mastery of match-3 mechanics are key to victory.

Challenge friends or other players to intense match-3 battles in real-time to test your skills and compete for supremacy in fast-paced gameplay. You can utilize a variety of power-ups and boosters strategically to gain the upper hand in battle. From bombs that clear entire rows to rockets that target specific gems, mastering the use of these tools is essential for success in Puzzle Arena.

Time is Money: Keep an Eye on the Timer

Some levels in Royal Match have time limits, so be mindful of the timer and try to complete the objectives as quickly as possible. Focus on making efficient moves and prioritizing the most important tasks to maximize your chances of success.

royal match mod apk (unlimited stars)

Join Daily Challenges and Events

Participate in daily challenges and special events to earn extra rewards, bonuses, and power-ups. These can help you progress faster and overcome difficult levels more easily.

royal match mod apk version 20184
unlimited coins and gems

How to Play Puzzle Arena in Royal Match APK?

  1. Download the latest version given by APKberg.com by following the installation guidelines.
  2. Open the Royal Match on your Android and launch at once.
  3. Navigate to Puzzle Arena from the main menu or designated section within the game interface.
  4. Join or create a room to invite friends or other players.
  5. Start battling once in a room, and engage in exhilarating match-3 battles against opponents in real time.
  6. Use your skills and strategy to outmatch and outscore your rivals.
Infographics to show how to download and install the game.
Infographics to show how to download and install the game.


Royal Match APK offers a thrilling multiplayer experience that combines the addictive gameplay of match-3 puzzles with the excitement of competitive battles. Puzzle Arena promises endless fun and excitement for match-3 enthusiasts.

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