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Master the Ludo Game: Tips and Tricks for Victory

Mastering Ludo, the classic board game, is a cakewalk when you have a specific skill set. You will be surprised to know the basic skills expert Ludo players possess. It looks into the future and predicts the outcomes of a token moved on the board. They can feel the consequences in their guts and make excellent decisions. They use many such tricks and tips to win most of the Ludo games played online Here is the list of tips and tricks for an aspiring Ludo player like you. Use these tips and tricks to create a winning strategy for playing a real money Ludo game online.


Expert Tips and Tricks of Ludo

No moves without calculation

The first thing you must follow is to focus on all the dice roll outcomes. Always keep an eye on your tokens and the opponents on the Ludo board. The tokens will change their positions after the move. Keep tracking them and check your proximity to the opponents’ tokens. This tip will help you assess the risk linked to every move and see the possible outcomes in the next ones. Hence, calculate the moves you want to make with your tokens every time you roll a die.

Do not get sloppy

There is no place for a sloppy player in online Ludo. You might be unable to interact socially with the players online and sometimes lose touch. The moment you lose your focus on the game, you are done. Make sure you always remain attentive in a high-stakes Ludo game. Remember, a single move can change the course of a game. The only difference is you don’t know which move will turn the tables in your favour. So, keep your focus on the track and concentrate on the game. Your strategic decisions will depend on what you observe.

Calculate the points earned

Every Ludo tournament has its scoring system. Your token’s movement will get registered and scored accordingly. It means the highest scorer of a match will be the one who wins, but the one who has accumulated ample points will lead the scoreboard. Hence, every move on a Ludo board will account for a specific score. So, your dice roll will determine your moves and the bonuses you can acquire to stay ahead of the competition. Remember, attacking the opponent’s token will also generate points. All you have to do is focus on the gameplay and follow the rules. Try to understand the scoring system and use your moves accordingly. Most Ludo contests are short-termed as they follow a concise format compared to conventional ones. Hence, your score will depend on the general and smart moves on the board.

Stay at least seven boxes ahead

Another pro tip to follow while playing Ludo online is staying at least seven boxes ahead of the opponents. The reason is entirely based on the probability of rolling six and then a two. Staying within the six boxes can be a risk for your tokens. Opponents may roll that specific number and attack your tokens. You will have to start all over again. Hence, follow this thumb rule and always keep your tokens away from the opponents. You can achieve this by observing the movements of all tokens on the board. Keep your focus on the game until it’s over. Experts recommend playing high-stakes Ludo games in a peaceful environment for a good reason.

Reaching home is better than offence

Your prime target is to take all your tokens safely to the final destination. You will have to follow the specified track and move tokens accordingly. In the meantime, your tokens will get attacked, and you will do the same to the opponents. What would you prefer to do? Would you like to attack and kill others’ tokens or take yours to the home position? It entirely depends on the situation, but your prime goal is to reach the final destination without getting distracted. Attacking others’ tokens should be your secondary objective, as reaching the home position will add more score than playing offensive.

Practice to sharpen your skills

Practice is your only weapon when you want to become a professional Ludo player. For casual gamers, playing Ludo is not a serious affair. When you have decided to participate in daily contests and top Ludo tournaments, your skills will matter greatly. Playing this board game multiple times is the only way to sharpen your skills. Use your free time to play against real players on a stake-free table. It will help you to develop and master winning skills. Such skills will also help you define your winning strategies.

Always remain flexible

One strategy will not always lead to victory. Your gameplay is bound to follow the rules set by a Ludo app. Hence, your plan needs to be dynamic. When you are playing 1 Vs 1 battle, you will take more risks as the number of tokens on the board is limited to eight. When you are playing as a team, there will be 16 tokens to observe. The situations will change drastically based on your and your opponent’s moves. Hence, be flexible to change your strategy according to the circumstances and make the right moves. Don’t cling to a particular strategy, which might lead to a disaster.

Choose the suitable Ludo variant

Lastly, always choose a Ludo variant you are comfortable with. You will find exclusive variants catered by the casual gaming apps. For instance, some variants offer limited moves to decide a winner. Your aim should be to score the highest points by following the rules. Some variants might ask you to turn a wheel of fortune to decide a move. So, your choice will be determined by the objectives of a Ludo variant.

Play Ludo as a Pro and Win Cash Prizes!

Follow these expert tips and tricks to become a professional Ludo player in no time. Define your strategy and remain flexible enough to make necessary changes to adapt. Remember, a flexible Ludo player will always emerge as a winner most of the time. Download a suitable Ludo app and choose a variant as per your skills. Keep practising offline and sharpen your skills to win daily contests and top competitions.

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