What is Snapchat++ APK, and Should You Use It?

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps, especially among younger users who love the fun filters and disappearing message features? However, the official Snapchat app only offers some customisation or additional features. This is where Snapchat++ comes in.

Snapchat++ is a modded version of Snapchat that has extra features not available on the official app. It allows you to customise filters, replay snaps multiple times, and save media without the sender knowing. While it sounds enticing, is using Snapchat++ safe and legal? You can get the mod version of similar social apps Instagram mod apk and SnapTube mod apk.

An Overview of Snapchat++ Features

Here are some of the key features you get with the Snapchat++ APK that make it stand out from the regular Snapchat app:

Custom Filters and Lenses

Instead of being limited to Snapchat’s default filters and AR lenses, Snapchat++ allows you to create custom filters using photos or videos from your camera roll. These will then appear as options along with the regular Snapchat filters for ultimate customisation.

You can get creative with birthdays, events, trips, or inside jokes with friends. The possibilities are endless when you unlock the ability to make custom filters. Experience exciting filters and visual effect using alight motion app. Get the latest version on Timenewspro.com.

Unlimited Replay Ability

One of the signature features of Snapchat is that snaps, videos, and stories expire after being viewed once. But Snapchat++ cracks this limit wide open by letting you replay any snap you receive as many times as you want.

Whether it’s a hilarious reaction video from your best friend or an important message you need to reference again, you can replay it indefinitely. Just make sure to use discretion with screenshots.

Stealth Mode

Have you ever wanted to screenshot someone’s snap without them knowing? Snapchat++ enables a stealth mode that lets you screenshot or save a snap to your camera roll without triggering the notification that typically alerts the sender.

It’s like having a stealth reconnaissance mission on your friends. Now whether using this feature ethically is up to your discretion. But it does allow saving snaps for keepsakes or funny shareable moments without the sender finding out. Proceed with caution!

Drawing/Text Tools

Snapchat++ opens up markup abilities, allowing you to draw, write text and stickers, and annotate on top of the snaps you receive. It is best used for collaborating on creative projects or leaving funny reactions to friends’ snaps.

The drawing and text tools turn Snapchat into a collaborative multimedia messenger rather than a consumable content hub. Add your creative touch to any snap for a fun, interactive experience.

Assessing the Risks of Third-Party Apps

While the modified features on Snapchat++ seem exciting on paper, using third-party apps always carries risks. A few to be aware of:

Security Vulnerabilities

By their very nature, third-party apps lack the sophisticated security infrastructure and protocols built into official apps like Snapchat. Without proper safeguards, downloaded files from shady sources expose you to malware, viruses, and data breaches.

Is access to custom Snapchat filters worth that risk to your smartphone’s security? Likely not. But it is your exchange when using apps outside official app stores.

Permanent Account Ban Risks

By outright banning them, Snapchat aggressively cracks down on accounts suspected of using third-party apps like Snapchat++. Their priority is protecting the integrity of their platform.

You stand a very high chance of having your account permanently deleted. And good luck pleading your case or trying to recover it. Snapchat has a no-tolerance policy for this perceived “rule-breaking”.

Questionable Legality

Some specific features of Snapchat++ enable questionable or unethical use cases like nonconsensual media saving or distribution. Even if you have harmless intent and just want fun custom filters, aspects of these third-party apps occupy a legal grey area.

By taking that risk and accessing specific capabilities, ensure you do so safely, legally and conscientiously. However, outcomes can be unpredictable when utilizing software not governed by app store terms of use and content policies.

How to Download and install Snapchat++ APK on your Android device?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Snapchat++ APK on your Android device:

Before you begin, make sure your Android device meets the following:

  • Running Android 5.0+
  • Have Snapchat already installed from the Play Store or any other trusted source
  • Enabled permission to “install from unknown sources” in your device settings

Downloading Snapchat++

Open your mobile browser and go to a site hosting the Snapchat++ APK file for download. A few options exist but only use reputable sites to avoid malware.
Once the APK begins downloading, please wait until the file is fully finished before installing it.

Installing Snapchat++

Open your device’s File Manager app and locate the Snapchat++ APK you downloaded in the downloads folder.

Tap on the APK. This will launch the Android Package Installer popup.
Accept the device admin permissions and terms if you agree to them.
Wait for the installer to finish as your device extracts and copies files to complete the installation.

Once finished, you can access Snapchat++ from your app drawer/menu like regular Snapchat. Just launch and sign in typically.

And that’s it! Snapchat++ should now be fully installed and ready to grant you access to customized filters, unlimited replay abilities and other premium features for an enhanced Snapchat experience! Enjoy!

But I must remind you to proceed at your own risk, be conscientious of others’ privacy, and use discretion with these unauthorized add-on capabilities. Happy snapping!


For the average Snapchat user looking for a convenient, fun and safe experience, the risks of using unauthorized third-party apps like Snapchat++ likely outweigh the benefits. The prospect of customized filters or saving expiring content hardly seems justified next to vulnerabilities, bans, questionable legality and endorphins of unethical use cases.


What exactly is Snapchat++?

Snapchat++ is a modified version of the original app with added features like unlimited replay of snaps, the ability to save snaps without the sender knowing, custom filters, etc. It is an unauthorized third-party app not affiliated with the official Snapchat.

Is Snapchat++ legal to use?

The legality is questionable. While using modded apps doesn’t directly violate the law, Snapchat++ enables questionable activities like non-consensual saving of sent photos/videos, which could get users in legal trouble if misused. Proceed with caution.

Can your Snapchat account get banned for using Snapchat++?

Yes, Snapchat aggressively bans accounts using unofficial third-party apps like Snapchat++ to protect their platform. Getting your account permanently deleted is a considerable risk.

Does Snapchat++ have any viruses or security risks?

Yes, any app downloaded outside official stores carries inherent security risks, including malware, viruses, and data theft. Unlike the real Snapchat app, Snapchat++ installations avoid Google Play Store protections.

Who is Snapchat++ meant for – average users or more advanced users?

For most regular Snapchat users seeking a fun and safe experience, Snapchat++ introduces more risks than rewards. However, some tech-savvy users may determine the worthwhile tradeoffs for certain added custom features after factoring in the risks of account ban. Use discretion.

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